Friday, July 29, 2011

Algebra Puzzle 3x4

53-37=16 (Difference between Guitar and Ladybug)
25-16=9 (3 Ladybugs)
9/3=3 (1 Ladybug)
25-3-3=19(1 Guitar)
50-19-19=12(1 Mango)


Thursday, May 19, 2011

The First Semester in SST: Reflections

Learning in SST has been really very special and interesting. I have learnt more about the use of ICT and the influence it holds. ICT is awesome for learning :D There are many types of software, applications and even programs to stimulate our learning and our thirst for more knowledge. Life in SST has been good, as most of the Teachers are really nice and my schoolmates are soooooooooooooo AWESOME!!!After all these months in SST, I have set some goals for myself for the Next Term. One of my goals for this term is to get a seat in the Exco in Class, or in my CCA or run for being a PSL.My other goal is to resolve some issues with some of my schoolmates.I also want to do better for my Science and Maths because I feel that it isn't good enough to meet my expectations as I felt that the Paper was fairly easy for Maths especially. I could have got like 5 more marks if it wasn't for careless mistakes!!!I had to do really well in Secondary One since Sec 1 work could be the easiest already =='' I also want to do MUCH better for my Chinese Composition because I felt that it would be a waste if scored quite well for my Paper 2 but my Composition pulls everything down...For my History and English, As for my really feels very indignant to not get full marks just because of ONE careless mistake again. My History and Geography marks are really...kind of ridiculous but luckily its a combined subject *phew*

But most importantly,I'll just have fun while I'm still a Sec 1 ^^

Friday, May 13, 2011

Sec 1 Maths Perf Task Reflection

Statistics is being used from case to case in daily life. Statistics always come from Mass amounts of Data, and can be represented in many forms. Statistics displayed in different forms, may show hidden patterns and trends which may be of use to the reader/analyser that aren't shown when in raw data form. Statistics basically summarise the table of contents and data, so everything can be digested at one glance by the reader.

Statistics can help us greatly, and benefit different people of different walks of life.For example, Sports recruiters check out potential athletes.They track their progress,compare them with other athletes and choose the best of the best. All this could only be available because of the presence of Statistics,which help show comparison easily with just a glance.However,these data maybe represented differently for different purposes.

Before we go on to the different ways a set of data can be represented, let's circle around what a specific set of data to be should consist of,or even what can it be made of.

Data is anything that involves information. There are two types of data, "hard" data and "soft" data. Hard data are data that have fixed values,and would be universal. Soft data is the opposite of Hard data, as it may vary from one person to another who collects the data, as it may be affected by bias. The accuracy of the Data may also be affected by the person collecting it, and of course other circumstances and factors like:
>Human Errors in Transferring/Digitizing of Data
>Wrong Classification of Numbers
>Person collecting Data is Unorganized and mix up Data collected
>The Method used to collect the Data

Data can be represented into different forms, for example:
>Line Graphs (Mostly used to show Progress of a company/being, also used to show hidden Trends and Patterns)
>Bar Graphs (Used to show Comparison between data sets)
>Histograms (Usually makes use of Continuous Data and bars arranged in Continuous order)
>Frequency Table (Can hold smaller sets of data but keeping it exact.)
>Stem & Leaf (Can hold large sets of data while keeping its original numbers and Require a Key/Legend like 1|10)
>Dot Diagrams (Horizontal Axis's Labels are Continuous and Require a Key/Legend)

Personal Reflection:
We have came up with a new method of representing the data into a easy to compare Bar Graph. So that even if people who read out statistical Poster feel that our Conclusions has some mistakes, they can see from the Bar Graphes itself and come up with their own conclusion. Although most likely it would be the same one as ours. The group volunteers to take on different roles, and would finish the work asked to complete by the dateline the group gives. This saves us a lot of time, as some work cannot be started without the others being completed. All the members in my group have this sense of urgency, as we in fact have really little time to do this Maths Performance Task. I helped Sandy with coming up with Bar Charts in our format and fill in the Table in Google Spreadsheet. If there is a similar Project in the Future, I would like to collect the Data together with my group as the Data is not completely accurate.


Monday, April 25, 2011

Reflections for CE Period:Diversity

3 things I've learnt:
-The other meaning of Diversity(either than Science).
-That Diversity means being able to accept people and be open to personalities.
-Everybody is different,special and unique.
2 things I enjoyed during the lesson:
-The birthdate arranging session!!!But I only remember birthdays up to May...(I didn't realise there's a rule that you can't help your classmates until i sat back in my desk and read the Keynote...LOLS)
-The hand circling part,as I had problems trying to kick in my seat...